Vegetable Currency – My Kind of Sustainable World!

No money? No problem. We accept tomatoes (Flickr Martin Cathrae)

Ever wished money grew on trees? Now it does

… Or at least it does in northern Italy, where an enterprising restaurant is now accepting fruits, vegetables, handicrafts and other useful items as payment. The proud patrons of L’e maiala in Tuscany are hoping to create a new type of dining experience – one more like a grandmother’s kitchen.

How will all this work – and why would a business owner would ever consider such an unusual idea? Treehugger explains all:

The traditional Tuscan dishes served at L’e maiala will feature the food they get, and others that have been grown locally.

In deciding to accept fresh greenery in place of cold hard cash, owner Donella Faggioli hopes to open up her restaurant to those who might not otherwise be able to afford a meal out, especially in these difficult times.

“With the crisis that we’re all living through today, we’ve met those, who in times of hardship, think they cannot afford dinner – but we counter that by offering the option to pay in goods instead of real money,” Faggioli tells Corriere Fiorentino.

Cucumbers as the new global reserve currency? Not yet. But if L’e maiala catches on, maybe one day they will be.

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