Treatise on Energy I

Energy flows one way in nature – from east to west. one must become aligned with the natural flow if one is to become the highest that one, indefinitely, is. Within all humankind there is a natural tendency toward the divine, for being of the divine, we yearn to return from whence we have come. It is a natural truth that, being so hidden and now mostly forgotten, is feared by most who now dwell hither. Ere the coming of the new ages of this world, The Ancient Ones beheld the movement of energy in great awe, but they were not afraid of it and knew that it, the energy, underlying all things was there too for them to make use of. This knowledge and understanding has been lost largely within the spheres of all the cultures of this world. Even to those few to whom this arcanum is now held, they possess not the wisdom of begetting their true forms – of utilising this energy, and many who know not of it or understand it not, must receive the effects of its wrath in accordance with the Foundational Law of Balance.

The Law of Balance dictates that all change in the universe must interact such that it minimises effects – change must, like energy its begetter, flow and meet little or no resistance. It also means that, all things in the universe must change in such away that the totality of the universe’s energy remain balanced. This is why universal changes take a long time to happen, though the effects be great; but man, in haste and in fear for his mortality, delves into immediate use and destroys and cultivates, imbibes and imbues. For every positive that exists, there must be a negative. It is for this reason, that The Ancient Ones, the Great Teachers of the world, taught that balancing energy was more important than doing good things. Doing what is right is more important than doing what is good. Indeed, this is still true even though the terms “right” and “good” have become jumbled and are now regarded as identical in meaning. However, to do what is right, means that when the action is complete, it flows into the direction of the universal energy flow and as such, minimises latent effects in the total energy system of the universe. In other words, doing what is right means that the “Domino Effect” no longer has weighting on the actions or inactions of the universe.

All things in nature mirror this effect – that in change, they naturally flow in the manner of least resistance. This is most easily observed with water, that does not allow obstacles to impede its flow, but gracefully meanders around it or carves a new path – whichever possesses the least resistance. However, the “Domino Effect” accumulates Karmic Energy that would seek to balance all action and inaction in the universe. It is a stringent two-fold rule that alternates in waves creating negative and positive reactions in its wake.

That which is right takes upon itself its own action, like a river flows into the ocean taking with it naught but itself. This flow carries one to the Divine Realm. What is called “good” is defined by man based on what he has learned and on what he has been told, but only that which is right is ordained by God and can carry one to the realisation of Immortality in the Kingdom of the Divine One.

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Begging God and Faith

Christ said’ “If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move!’, and verily it shall move.”

I often tell people, “When I beg God for something, I get nothing; when I command God for something, I get it.”

They reply, “You can command God?”

The answer is unequivocally: HELL NO!

So what do I mean?

Notice the example of Christ, he never begged and neither those of great faith – no need to beg. It was not said, “Beg and ye shall receive.” Rather, “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Through Faith, we need only ask the Creator and truly we shall receive – so long as it is according to Divine Will, of course! Today alone, nine of my desires were granted by God, some of my companions would call it coincidence usually. Today I looked at them and said, “DO you see why I do not believe in coincidence?”

Our Heavenly Father and Mother (they are indeed ONE) are ever veiled by our own ignorance. If we remove this veil, then we realise how it was that saints and Christ and the many other are able to manifest so many things. While I do not profess to be so great, my little “miracles” are enough to show me the awesome majesty of the Creator-Preserver-Destroyer.

So when I say, “God, grant me a good night’s rest”, I am not being condescending to God, but professing my faith while asking a favour. By my positive and unclouded desire and statement, I shall have it!

Blessings of Light & Love!

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An Inquiry

How can I be wise if I do not understand?
How can I understand if I do not know?
How can I know if I do not remember?
How can I remember if I do not learn?
How can I learn if I do not persevere?
How can I persevere if I do not try?
How can I try if I do not start?
How can I start if I am not motivated?
How do I become motivated if I am not inspired?
How do I become inspired if I do not seek inspiration?
How do I seek inspiration if I do not know what to look for?
How do I know what to look for if I cannot see?
How do I see if I am blind?
How do I see if my eyes are closed?
How do I open my eyes if I do not know how?
How do I open my eyes if I do not want to?
How do I want it if I do not care for it?
How do I care for it if I do not love it?
How do I love it if I do not love myself?
How do I love myself if I do not love God?
How do I love God if I do not love his works?
How do I love his works if I do not love myself?
How can I be wise if I do not love?

– SKLADUM 3721.201209.005

Pointless things… true minds….

Useless things make useless minds
Pointless things make pointless minds
Many things make many minds
One thing makes one mind
Purposeful things make purposeful minds
Focused things make focused minds
Fictitious things make fictitious minds
Real things make real minds
True things make true minds

– SKLADUM 3721.201209.004


The Original “Our Father”

Here follows the original Our Father as would have been spoken by Yeshua Meshiach (Jesus Christ) in the Galilean Aramaic dialect of his time.

Abwun d’bwaschmaya
Nethkadasch schmah
Tete malkutach
Nehwe tzevyanach aikana
D’bwaschmaya af b’arha
Hawvlan lachma d’sunkanan yaomana
Waschboklan chauben wachtahen aikana
Daf chnan schwoken l’chaiyaben
Wela tachlan l’nesyuna
Ela patzan min bischa
Metol dilachie malkutha wahaila
Wateschbukta l’ahlam almin


The rough translation follows. Please note that Aramaic was a very mystical language with many layers of interpretation and the translation below does not, in any way, reflect a direct or word-for-word (transliteration) approach.

O Thou, from whom the Breath of Life comes; Who fills all realms (of light and vibration)
May your light be experienced in my utmost holiest (soul)
Your Heavenly Domain (Kingdom) approaches
Let your will come true
In the universe (all that vibrates and is of light) just as on earth (all that is material and dense)
Give us wisdom for our daily need
Detach the fetters of faults that bind us
As we let go of the guilt of others (upon us and in general)
Let us not be lost in superficial things
But let us be freed from that which keeps us from our true purpose
From you comes the all-working will (it is your kingdom), the lively strength to act (power)
The song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age (glory, forever)

Sealed in Trust, Faith and Truth.
(I confirm with my entire being)