*NEW!* Additions to the Web Library

The following items have been added to the SKLADUM Web Library as of 21 October 2012. Books of Adam and Eve, The (Translated by R. H. Charles, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1913) Book of Enoch, The (Translated by R. H. Charles, 1917) Book of Jasher, The (Translated by J. H. Parry & Company, 1887) Book of Jubilees, The (Translated by … Continue reading

Wisconsin to Kill One-quarter of its Wolves

Wisconsin’s government just gave hunters the go-ahead to kill 201 of the state’s 800 remaining wolves. Until January these wolves were protected under the endangered species act. If this keeps up, they’ll be endangered – if not extinct – again in no time. If you think this sounds crazy, share this with everyone!   From: http://en.avaaz.org/977/wisconsin-to-kill-one-quarter-of-its-wolves  

The Loris – Illegal Animal Trade

It’s hard not to chuckle about the guys arrested at the airport in Delhi after a customs officer noticed unnatural bulges in their pants. Turns out they had hidden small primates known as lorises in pockets sewn into their clothes. These failed smugglers are just a small part of a worldwide illegal trade in lorises and … Continue reading

Rhinos face EXTINCTION!!!

Things are getting worse for rhinos. Much worse. In the past year 455 rhinos were killed in South Africa, more than at any other time in history. And as South Africa is home to 90% of the continent’s rhino population, this is a very bad sign. Quite simply, rhinos will go extinct if something doesn’t change. As recently as … Continue reading