Illuminatio Essendi

Chapter I: Subsistence & Energy

Subsistence is. It is illimitable for it cannot be limited. It is ineffable, for it cannot be fully comprehended. It is unnameable, for it is greater than all things and is before all things. It is infinite, for it is before limitation; it cannot be bound – it is everything. Subsistence gives rise to existence. In a state of constant undulation and propagation of energy, Subsistence becomes existence.  Therefore, Subsistence is that spirit which underlies all things – indeed, it is all things.

Existence causes order and chaos. In the creation of all that is – and yea, even before it is, it is – the energies became polar to provide a constancy of difference upon the balance of which, all things would come forth. Order and Chaos then in their turn, give rise to the primal entities the light and the dark. In the wake of the separation of these two complementary entities, time is created and functions. This primal separation further bestows destiny, destruction and death, whose father is time.

In so much as Subsistence is beyond everything and is everything; in that it is all, it is constant. All things in the past, in the present and in the future are compressed unto the constancy of this spirit that truly underlies them. This is true for all dimensions, for nothing can exceed that which is the Subsistent Spirit – the All. Thus, the energies, which are in of themselves, expressions of this Spirit, are also constant, yet unlike the Original One, they are bound to specific spheres and must adhere to the Laws of Existence. So too must matter – the crystallisation of the energies of polar undulations in intersections and unions – being of the same energies, be maintained and adhere to the laws. The Laws of Existence are indeed infallible; they cannot be betrayed, omitted, broken or substituted, for they are of the Intelligent Design set forth by, belonging to and which are a part of the Subsistent, and thus only adhere to such.

All energy is triplicate, therefore, all things are triplicate. There are the polarities called Positive and Negative, and in the intersection and union of these two primal energies, there exists a third, which is their balance called, Neutral. The creation or natural order rather, of this neutral energy by means of rhythmic undulation is called the Law of Balance. All things therefore, move in such a manner whereupon they obey this Law and become neutral. Thus, all things, even to the effect of all their changes and all their actions, create a reaction that is equal in magnitude but opposite in its effect or direction, thereby maintaining balance.

However, despite the polarity of energy and matter, and their polar actions, nothing is truly created or destroyed but exists in constancy transferring itself from one form to another. Indeed nothing can truly be created nor destroyed for they simply exist upon the underlying spirit, which is constant. In this way, the quantity of all energy in a state of minute motion or greater motion, remains unchanged from the commencement of any existent process to the end of that process; and yea this remains unchanged for greater processes of which the minute process is a subset. This is the First Law of Energy.

 Copyright © 2012 SKLADUM. All rights reserved.



Episode I: Origins

From the top of the mount he watched them now, his own brothers, falling like rain in a red sky – crimson clouds adorning the body of the tempest. Their cries of anguish rent the air with despair, the atmosphere seeking solace from the gravity of fallen grace.

“There is nothing to be done now Mika’el. They have chosen their own fates…” Another of his kind had materialised beside him.

“How can you say that Uwri’el? Would you render all our brethren lost for the sake of fate?”

“Do not pretend this is the first of these happenings Brother. Those who do not hold fast to The One must fall. That is Divine Ordinance!”

“Love is Divine Ordinance, Uwri’el!”

“Do not allow the others to see our General in Arms so distraught over a battle won…” Uwri’el said exasperated, and with a bolt of lightning he was gone.

The hours quickened to darkness and he peered eerily at the thought of the mortals below. Had they known what was taking place, how they would scatter. But he knew his Father’s design was thorough – what is spirit belongs to spirit; what is flesh belongs to flesh. They would not know it, only his brothers fallen in battle would know, and when they take on the form of the mortals to pay the price of their rebellion, they will revel in their guilt. He had hope for them, as always, but as Uwri’el constantly reminded him, much time is wasted on hope. He conceded to this for a moment, realising that the only battle he ever lost was to false hope. But was not it a sin to despair? To believe that The One had forsaken him – ludicrous! Yet, he knew, somewhere within his heart was but a tinge of anguish for the loss of his brothers – how he loved them – and that, alone, could cause him all the hope he had left.

 Copyright © 2012 SKLADUM. All rights reserved.



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