I started this blog as an addition to my soul-searching, ever-curious, truth-appetent nature. I fell asleep one afternoon, after having read many a page on Ancient Wisdom as is my custom, only to awake with the instant thought of now sharing all of the knowledge and truths that I had already come across and yea, shall come across. It took me a while to realise how ideal blogging would be, but as I did, I immediately set out to concretise my intuition.

SKLADUM’s Blog is born…

I thought then, that no more shall I be selfish with all that I have gathered in my innumerable hours of obsessive study; now I will share my life’s work for, if I can change but one life, inspire but one person, I will be all the more satiated in this life and the next.

I hope that everyone finds something here for them, irrespective of differences, for we are all, in some way, one family and all deserve equal opportunity even in the learning of truth.

Blessings of Life and Light! I wish blissful Love for all of you!




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