The Loris – Illegal Animal Trade

A very cute – and very threatened- pygmy slow loris (Getty)

It’s hard not to chuckle about the guys arrested at the airport in Delhi after a customs officer noticed unnatural bulges in their pants. Turns out they had hidden small primates known as lorises in pockets sewn into their clothes.

These failed smugglers are just a small part of a worldwide illegal trade in lorises and many other exotic animals and animal parts. And the suffering these beautiful creatures are subjected to – not to mention the threat of extinction that trafficking often poses – is nothing to laugh about.

Cruelty goes viral

Lorises live in India, Sri Lanka and south-east Asia, and are cute and cuddly creatures with huge brown eyes. They can fit in the palm of your hand. YouTube videos that show lorises clutching tiny umbrellas or being tickled have gone big-time viral. But like a lot of wildlife in their region, they’re threatened by habitat destruction, hunting and the use of various body parts in native medicine.

That popularity has helped fuel an exploding demand for the animals as exotic pets, and smuggling the creatures is a growing business. Thousands are cruelly captured and kept in small, cramped cages. To prevent them from biting, their sharp teeth are cut or pulled out – a process which can lead to nasty infections and painful death.

Sources: BBC, YouTube, Telegraph, Avaaz, New York Times



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