Chakra Life Path Calculator

The method is simple but tricky at
first, so i’ll walk you through the steps

Step One: At the top of a piece of paper, write out your
birthday in order of month, day and year.

Step Two: Add up each individual number until you get
only one. (Example: 29 > 2+9 = 11 > 1+1 = 2)

Step Three: Analyze. These numbers represent your “Life
Path Chakras.” Each life path has an average age time frame;
The month number is the life path you revolve in from
ages 0-27, the day number is from ages 27-54, and the
year number from age 54-death

Step Four: (Above) Add up all three, and keep simplifying until you get one number. This is your final but most personal chakra, the “Birth Path” Chakra. It is the energy that you were born with and likely formed a lot of your personality and traits. Unlike the life paths, it doesn’t change with age


#1 Unity, Beginning, , Focused concentration, Goal-striving, Action, Independence, Originality, Courage, Invention, Leader, Self-reliant, Ambition, Pioneer , Will, Conscious Mind, Positive.

#2 Duality, Division, Polarity, Choice, Gestation, Cooperation, Service, Harmony, Support, Waiting, Diplomacy, Patience, Psychic, Intuition, Adaptable, Empathic, Partnership, Mediator, Comparison, Receptive, Helper, Collecting, Reproduction, Balancer of Opposites, Subconscious Memory, Positive and Negative.

#3 Trinity, Union of Divine plus Human, Manifestation, Positive, Negative and Neutral, Expression, Subconscious Mind/Imagination, Creative, Optimistic, Enthusiasm, Expressive, Charming, Humor, Fun, Attractive, Friendly.

#4 Practical, orderly, patient, logical, hard-working, loyal, builder, steadfast, frugal, responsible, earthy, planner, materially creative, green thumb, even tempered.

#5 Adventure, change, freedom, exploration, variety, sensuality, unattached, curious, experienced, periodicity, knowledge seeker, knowledge teacher, traveler, imagination, child-like, playful.

#6 Harmony, beauty, nurturing, love, marriage, family, responsibility, understanding, sympathy, healing, empathic, perfectionist, order, duty, comfort, service.

#7 Philosopher, sage, wisdom seeker, reserved, inventor, stoic, contemplative, aloof, deep-thinker, introspective, spiritual, faith, esoteric, exotic, unusual, hidden, seeking perfection, ethereal, other worldly, enigma.

#8 Achievement, abundance, executive, strength, self-disciplined, power, success, authority, psychology, entrepreneur, intensity, supervisor, provider, grandeur, material manifestor.

#9 Humanitarian, compassionate, romantic, selfless, generous, philanthropic, loving, wisdom, idealist, artistic, spiritual healer, all allowing, other worldly, blending.

Taken and Adapted from: Snacking Squirrel


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