Begging God and Faith

Christ said’ “If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move!’, and verily it shall move.”

I often tell people, “When I beg God for something, I get nothing; when I command God for something, I get it.”

They reply, “You can command God?”

The answer is unequivocally: HELL NO!

So what do I mean?

Notice the example of Christ, he never begged and neither those of great faith – no need to beg. It was not said, “Beg and ye shall receive.” Rather, “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Through Faith, we need only ask the Creator and truly we shall receive – so long as it is according to Divine Will, of course! Today alone, nine of my desires were granted by God, some of my companions would call it coincidence usually. Today I looked at them and said, “DO you see why I do not believe in coincidence?”

Our Heavenly Father and Mother (they are indeed ONE) are ever veiled by our own ignorance. If we remove this veil, then we realise how it was that saints and Christ and the many other are able to manifest so many things. While I do not profess to be so great, my little “miracles” are enough to show me the awesome majesty of the Creator-Preserver-Destroyer.

So when I say, “God, grant me a good night’s rest”, I am not being condescending to God, but professing my faith while asking a favour. By my positive and unclouded desire and statement, I shall have it!

Blessings of Light & Love!

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