Truth is like unto the Sun…

Truth is like unto the Sun:
Ever blazing as a furnace that melts all things;
An ember that does not die;
A flame inextinguishable;
A light so bright!
Brilliant is its standing
Brilliant is its shadow
Brilliant its rays.
Nothing standing in the path of Truth is darkened
For the Truth shines on all things
But with backs turned to it
We may thus, ignore it;
Pretend we do not feel its rays
Its intense heat beating down upon us
Seeking our attention – calling to us
Yea, even as we ignore it
We see its luminescence before us
and that too – but the light minimal in our faces –
We pretend we do not see
But it waits for us to turn
To gaze upon its face
That we may only be true to ourselves
And see the Sun shining within
For what good is a man who is true in all things
But is not true in himself?
How can such a man exist?
For as the Sun shines and its heat penetrates
So do the rays of Truth
That to know it, begins inwardly.

At night we are gladdened
For no longer need we hide from Truth
It has fallen beneath the waves;
The tides of Illusion and Deceit supersede it
But the Moon rises, and Wisdom is like unto it
For it sits in the sky incandescent –
Not brilliant as the Sun which we force ourselves to ignore.
And the Moon looks down upon us
Not commanding our attention
But peacefully awaiting our side glances
Yet, not always is it there in fullness
And not always is it there at all
For it turns not, but may also show not
And one face is ever dark
For who may know all of Wisdom?
And yet another face shine…
Is not Wisdom is a two-faced wretch:
Pleasing and fecundate like honey
But more bitter than bitterest gall?

And we would not see Wisdom
If it were not for Truth:
Truth shines its benevolent rays that we may witness Wisdom
For True Knowledge is Truth;
And Truth is it
And it directs us to Wisdom.
Together they are Wisdom and Truth
As the Moon and the Sun
As the Electrum of the Gods
Side-by-side they await
The glory of our realisation
Of our awakening
They remain to call us – to aid us
Waiting for us to hearken to them
For, however shall we find God
If Wisdom and Truth, his Vassals, we do not embrace?
Nay! His offspring!
One cannot adore the Father and not his Sons and Daughters
For that man is thus false
And in the eyes of the Father, a darkened man.

The Wiseman knows Truth and he shines forth like the Sun
But his Wisdom is as hidden and softly glowing as the Moon
Thus, be like the Sun and the Moon
That this world, we may depart….

– SKLADUM 3721.20120900.001



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