Learning To Love

by Nayasvami Seva From a young age, I wanted to know the purpose of life. What was it all about? Why was I born? I know that many people today ask the same questions, often after seeking answers in all the wrong ways, just as I did. A long dry period Before I found the … Continue reading

Shubh Divali

Just a quick shout to say: Shubh Divali! ________________________________ Om Srim Mahalakshmiyai Svaha Om Srim Brzee ___________________________________ May Light always overcome Darkness! May Knowledge forever eradicate Ignorance! May Bliss prevail in all beings! May All Beings come to know Absolute Truth! May we all return to the One True and Infinite God! Blessings of Love, … Continue reading

True Yoga – the Most Ancient Art of Self-Realisation

Basics of the Ancient Art According to Ancient Texts and the Maharishis, there are many types of Yoga, of course, the categories are few. In the Western World, New Age Yoga has come to be known as Hatha Yoga, which, in spite of being devoid of true Hatha Philosophy,should simply be called Asana Yoga, for … Continue reading

Qualities of A Magnetic Personality

by Paramhansa Yogananda Each human being is a medium through which God’s magnetism flows, but humans allow many things to obstruct that magnetism, and very few people are truly magnetic. However, the right kind of magnetic power can be developed. We may hear someone say, “Oh, I met a friend who is so magnetic; he … Continue reading

The Missing Years of Jesus

The last Biblical account of the childhood of Jesus tells of the time when, at age twelve, he traveled with his parents to Jerusalem at the feast of the passover, and how, at the start of the return trip to Nazareth, his parents discovered he was missing. After a separation of three days, they found … Continue reading